Male Body Hair Removal | 3 Cheap Ways to Remove Hair

There are several different ways to remove hair from your body; it all depends on what you want what kind of skin and hair you have, do you want complete hair removal or just temporary hair removal and the cost of hair removal. Cost always seems to be the most important issue and for this reason let’s discuss the 3 cheapest ways to remove hair.

Let’s break it down to the 3 cheapest ways to remove hair temporarily and then the 3 cheapest ways to remove hair permanently.

3 cheap Ways to Remove Hair Temporarily:

• Shaving is the one option that most men use to get rid of unwanted hair. The cost of a razor, blades and shaving cream is very inexpensive and you can shave hair on any area on your body.

The downside is depending on how fast your hair grows you could be shaving every other day, Shaving only removes the hair above the skin and does nothing to retard the growth of hair. So over the long term you will be spending a lot of time and money on having to shave hair.

• Depilatory Creams are another way to remove body hair, these are relatively inexpensive and quite simple to use. Basically you rub the cream on the area where you want to remove hair, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe the cream off with a warm cloth. The affects from these types of creams, depending on your hair growth can last from 1 week to 1 month.

The downside is these creams have chemicals in them and if not used correctly or if left on too long they can cause burns or rash to your skin. So it is always important to do a test area first to see how your skin will react.

• Waxing is the next cheapest body hair removal treatment that can temporarily remove air. Waxing is where they take a mixture of wax, warm it up paste it to the area you want to remove the hair, and then place a cloth over it and they let it dry and then whisk, pull it off to remove the hair at the roots. The result of this type of hair removal lasts about 1-3 months depending on your hair growth cycles.

The downside to waxing is the pain. This is one of the most painful ways to remove body hair. After all you are pulling the hair out by its roots. The other downside is it is not permanent hair removal andt he hairs will grow back which means you have to keep doing treatments every month or couple of months, this can add to the cost of body hair removal.

Now let’s discuss more permanent ways to remove hair and the cost of these types of treatments.

• Laser hair removal while more costly than the above mentioned procedures it is one of those options that considers the short term and long term affects. With the 3 cheapest treatments you have to continually do them to keep removing the hair. With laser hair removal you have to go for several treatments to get the desired affect but then you only have to go back once a year or every two years for maintenance. With laser hair removal a laser beam is shot down into the area you want the hair removed from and it kills the hair follicles.

This means the hair will not grow back, or if it should grow back (depending on the growing cycle of your hair) it will come in lighter and thinner.

The Downside to Laser Hair removal is of course the cost in the short term, but in the long term it is less costly. The other downsize is depending on the type of hair you have and skin not all the hair will be removed permanently.

• The only way to remove hair permanently is through Electrolysis. It is the only procedure that can make the claim of 100% hair removal. With Electrolysis they take a very small needle and pinpoint one hair follicle at a time, they then shoot a surge of electric into it to kill the hair follicle. This procedure can be expensive, but in the long term you should not have to go back for any more treatments.

Male Body Hair Removal | 3 Cheap Ways to Remove Hair

The downside besides the cost is that it is a very long procedure do to targeting each hair follicle individually. This is very time consuming. Also some hair follicles can be missed and you would have to go back in again for a touch up procedure but in the long term you do not have to go back so the cost can be well worth the permanent hair removal.
All in all the cheapest way to remove body hair depends on what you want. How large an area you want done, how often do you want bothered with treatments or procedures, what works best on your skin and hair type. Doing research on all these options is the best way to know what is right for you as far as body hair removal.

Top 7 Most Common Laser Hair Removal Areas for Men

It used to be men did not worry overmuch about their body hair. It was what it was a natural born feature of the human body. Now a days that has all changed and men are looking into ways to remove or at least thin out their body hair. There are several options out there but Laser hair Removal seems to work the best for men and women, for various reasons.

Here are the areas that men most commonly choose to have laser hair removal done.

1. Chest Hair:

The Chest area is the most common area that men have laser hair removal procedures done on. Men’s chest hairs tend to be thick and course and that makes it very difficult to shave. The hair can grow back as fast as facial hair which makes shaving very time consuming. Waxing the chest hair can be extremely painful and even though it pulls the hair out by the root, the hair can still grow back. That is why men choose laser hair removal for their chest.

2. Back Hair:

Back hair is the second most common area that men choose to have laser hair removal treatments done on, because the hair on the back of men is usually the same as the chest hair. It can take several treatments 3-8 depending on the thickness of the hair, but it will remove most of the hair and what does grow back is thinner and lighter.

3. Shoulder Hair:

Men look great in tank shirts or tee shirts, but not so much if there is hair growing everywhere out from under them. Since shoulder hair is similar to chest and back hairs waxing is again not a permanent solution. Laser hair removal is the better way to go. In addition to the long term results laser hair removal works great on curved or contour areas.

4. Upper Arm:

Lower arm hair is considered attractive on most men but not so much upper arm hair.This is the 4th area most men choose to have hair removal done on. If men choose to do the upper arm area, laser hair removal is a good option because of its long term affects. Even if all the hair is not removed it will grow back lighter and thinner and will not be so noticeable.

5. Facial Hair:

While most women have always seemed concerned about facial hair, men have not been too concerned about it until recent years. The area on men’s faces that they choose most to have laser hair removal done on is there eyebrows to rid themselves of uni-brows or to shape their unruly brows. Some men do choose to do the rest of their faces sometimes to at least thin out the beard and mustache area.

6. Underarm hair:

Most women have always been concerned with un-sightly underarm hair. These days’ men are just as concerned. It has a lot to do with body odor since that is one of the places everyone sweats the most at. It can also get pretty shaggy under the arm. While not all men choose to completely bare the area they do opt to have laser hair removal done to at least thin out the area.

7. Bikini Line hair removal:

This used to be strictly a woman’s thing, but now a days men are becoming just as concerned about being well groomed around their private areas. Waxing and shaving are options but they can be painful and of course the procedures need to be done over and over again quite often. Having Laser hair removal done around the bikini line is the best option for men and women alike.

mens laser hair removal

In this day and age it is just as important for men to look their very best as it is for women. Men who hold top executive jobs like managers, CEO’s Lawyers and or models and movie stars consider it very important to be well groomed. Even the average Joe on the street wants to look their best for themselves as well as for their significant others.

That is why Laser Hair Removal has become a growing trend as well as a multi-billion dollar business.

Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

As with everything you do in life there are always pros and cons. For most people the more you know about something the better you are able to make an intelligent decision. The same goes for Laser Hair Removal. There are several different ways to remove unwanted hair from your body. Some are more painful than others, some take longer, and some cost a lot of money.

So with all this said, what are the pros and cons of laser hair removal.
Let’s start with the Pros:

 Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles under your skin. The laser burns the follicles and kills them off so they do not grow anymore hair. Waxing or plucking your hair pulls the hair out by the root, but the hair can still grow back. Shaving only targets the hair above the skin.

 Laser hair removal takes less time than most other treatments. Laser hair removal can target a small area and kill several hair follicles at a time. While waxing can cover a large area it only pulls the hair out by the roots and does not penetrate the hair follicles. Electrolysis burns out the hair follicles, but it can only do one hair at a time which takes a long time.

 Using a laser to destroy your hair follicles is a lot less painful then most of the other hair removal treatments. Many clients have said it just feels like a quick snap, while some clients feel nothing but a tingling. With electrolysis they stick a needle in each hair follicle and this can be a bit painful. Waxing is probably the most painful of all the treatments as they are pulling several hairs out at a time by the roots.

 While laser hair removal does not remove hair 100% like electrolysis does, it does remove about 80% of the hair growth and what hairs are left come back in lighter and thinner so are less notable.

Laser hair removal can take 3-6 treatments to give you the desired affect but after that you only have to go in for touchups every year or two. With waxing you have to return every couple of weeks to have it done again and again. With shaving and plucking the hair grows back rather quickly also.

What are the cons of Laser Hair Removal?

 Laser hair removal does not remove all the hair. You see your hair grows in cycles and the laser works best during the growing cycle. If your hair is not going through its growing cycle during the treatment then the hair can grow back.

 You cannot get a tan or use tanning solutions 6 weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal works best on light skin and dark hair follicles. If you have been tanning and your skin is darker then the treatment may not work so well, recently though some treatment centers have starting using a new laser that does much better on darker skin.

 The cost of laser hair removal can sometimes add up, depending on how large an area you are doing. It can also take several treatments to get the desired effect because of the before mentioned hair growing cycles. While more expensive then waxing, the long term effects of laser hair removal pays off. Laser Hair removal is less expensive than Electrolysis though.

Myths about laser hair removal

 There are some side effects to laser hair removal; they can include redness to the area, itching and some slight swelling. In most cases clients are given ice packs or cooling creams after the procedure is done and these affects last only a day or so. Waxing can cause worse redness and swelling and itching, and electrolysis can cause slight burning to the skin.

Pros and cons

As with any hair removal product or procedure there are pros and cons, it depends on what you want and how much you want done. The best thing to do is investigate and learn all you can about the different treatments and how they could affect you. Compare costs, compare pros and cons, compare what is available in your area, but do the research. This way you can find out what works best for you.

How to Get the Most Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

You’ve decided to have Laser Hair Removal done on your body. How do you get the most benefit from the procedure? There are some steps you can take to not only make it easier for you, but will also make the procedure work best for you.

If you want the Laser Hair removal to work best for you are some steps to follow.

Avoid Tanning

1. One of the first things you should avoid doing before having laser hair removal done is to avoid tanning. Most dermatologists would prefer if no one tanned due to the damage it can do to your skin, but if you are a person who likes to go tanning at the beach or in your backyard, or you visit tanning beds, you need to avoid this at least 6 weeks before your procedure.

The reason why is because laser hair removal works best on light skin, it targets the dark hair follicles under the skin, so the lighter the skin and the darker the hair follicles the better the laser treatment works. There are some hair removal lasers that do work on darker skin persons but not all dermatologist offices or spas have this laser. Do not use any tanning sprays or airbrushing either as this can have the same effect as regular tanning.

It is also a good idea not to go tanning for at least 3-6 weeks after the procedure is done. Most dermatologists suggest using sunscreen with at least SPF 45-60.

Shave your hair before laser hair removal

2. You should shave or clip your hair before the procedure. Since the laser targets the dark hair follicles under the skin it is a good idea to shave the area before the laser hair removal treatment, so if there is any long hair it may interfere with the laser. It is a good idea to shave the night before the procedure, doing it a couple hours before the procedure can cause the area to be more sensitive.

You can also shave in between laser hair removal treatments to keep the area clean and soft; it may take a few treatments to remove all the hairs so in between treatments shaving is your best option.

Do not wax, pluck or have electrolysis

3. Do not wax, pluck or have electrolysis done before you laser hair treatment. The reason is the laser needs to actively heat up growing hair so it can reach the hair follicle. If you wax, pluck or have anything done to remove the hair follicle the laser cannot kill it off and it can still grow new hair, so you are defeating the purpose of laser hair removal. Try to avoid these hair removal options at least 6 weeks before you have the treatment done.

On the day of your laser hair removal, do not use any lotions, perfumes or powder in the area to be treated as this can affect the procedure also.

Wait between treatments

4. How much time should you leave between treatments for the best results? It is best to wait at 6-12 weeks between treatments. The hair on your body grows in cycles, so the laser hair removal procedure destroys the hair that is in the growing phase but not the hair follicles that are dormant at that time. By leaving at least 6-12 weeks between treatments this will insure the best results.

Usually it takes about 8 weeks to see new hair growth in the area where the hair was removed. This is hair that was dormant at treatment time. That is why it is best to wait a little while before having the next treatment done.

Don’t go over the 12 week mark though as this can defeat the purpose of the hair removal procedure. Having the procedure done more often will not hurt you but it won’t necessarily improve the hair removal process.


Keep your dermatologist informed

5. Keep your dermatologist or spa technician informed. Make sure you let them know if you have changed any medications before treatment, or had any new medical diagnoses, or if you have tanned since your last treatment.

This is important so that they will know if they need to change the settings on the lasers for your hair removal. As always it is a good idea to do some research before having anything done to your body, so make sure you check out the facility where you are having the laser hair removal done. Most dermatologist offices or medispas will do a consultation with you first to get all your information and to make sure you get the best results.

Long Layered Haircuts

Hair can be considered as one of the most important beauty symbol. This is considered as the most outstanding feature among women rather than in men. The fashion trend keeps on changing with the changing life style exhibited by the people. It is true that you were able to see short hairs as the fashion once in the history but now the trend has greatly changed wherein long hairs are remarkable among the people.

There are many types of hair cuts and it is your duty to select the most suitable ones for your face. In fact your face will definitely glow like candle if you are having the best hair cut.

It is true that it is not possible for you to keep on growing the hairs too long without maintaining the style as it looks shabby. Long layered haircuts are the one that is preferred by the people in the present time. This is because the hair cut will definitely help you to have a good volume of hair and also it suits for those  with very thin hairs. You are also given varieties of choices on the way by which you could design your front portion. Also you are given the chance to try out different styles when your hair grows leaving the long layered haircuts towards the back portion.

These hair cuts are really suitable as you can move on with any type of hair dressing if you do not want to leave the hairs loose. It is natural that you might not be in a position to leave the hairs just like that especially while going to the office. You need to be really presentable in executive attire and you are supposed to tie your hair very well in a suitable manner without any issues. Also you are given the freedom to leave your hair lose after applying shampoo with conditioner so that it gives a bulky look with the hair style even if you are having very thin hairs without any thickness.

Long Layered Wavy Hairstyles Round Facelong Layered

This is really good and it is your wish that decides your mode of hair dressing. Also you can attend any meeting or social gathering in full confidence without getting bothered much about the hairs. It is always advised to prefer these kinds of hair cuts when you go to the beauty saloon next time as it gives you complete comfort and it is a pleasure to have new hair style.

Braun Shaver Models

It is safe to say that a Braun shaver is the perfect tool for both men and women who are in need of a perfect shave. Braun shavers offer you a clean shave similar to what you would expect from a traditional razor, but with an aesthetic design and state-of-the-art features to avoid those shaving nicks and mess. Though many people find a Braun shaver to be expensive, they tend to ignore the price as long since they get to have an electronic razor that offers a perfect, clean shave with additional functions for convenient use.

Braun Shaver Models

Braun shaver models are available in all shapes and sizes. You have the option to buy a compact and mobile shaver so you can bring it with you wherever you go or pay more for Braun shavers that have additional features. More expensive, multi-functional electronic razors are perfect for both indoor and travel use. Despite the abundance of selections, you should consider which features you want your Braun shaver to have in order to buy one at the right price that will cater to your shaving needs.

This is one reason why you need to scout the market for Braun shaver models and determine their individual features, as well as weighing their advantages and disadvantages so you end up with the perfect buy.
So whether it’s for personal use, a gift to your father or best friend, . always check the label and features so you can tell if it is the right Braun shaver for you.

Braun Shaver Series 730s-3

Among the Series 7 models of Braun electric shavers, this Braun shaver model and the 720 are the only ones without the Clean & Renew system. But they both are packed with enough features to give you a perfect, clean shave. The head of the 730s-3 is capable of producing 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute to give you the closest shave possible. Some owners of this Braun shaver have even stated that it shaves almost as well as what you would expect from a traditional razor. It also has a feature that enables you to select the intensity of the shave for added comfort.

The Power Comb design in between the two foils can lift flat hairs off your face so you need not worry about missing a spot. The foil system in this Braun shaver is enhanced with different-sized holes to catch long and short hairs easily. Despite the lack of the Clean & Renew function, this model is washable so you can easily clean it well by rinsing it off under running water.

Braun Shaver Series 560s-3

This Braun shaver model is one of the few electronic razors that integrates the Power Comb feature into its design. This function is quite useful to shave off those annoying flat hairs. A trimmer is placed in between the two foils that can easily lift those flat hairs for a complete shave. This electronic Braun shaver also features the Contour Hugging head that adjusts according to your facial structure as you shave. This feature helps to give you a smooth and easy shave even in hard-to-reach areas like the jaw and neck.

Unlike other Series 7 Braun shaver models, the Braun 560s-3 doesn’t have the Clean & Renew system so you have to wash it under running water if you want to get rid of the hairs and other debris stuck in the razor. Also, this model is great to use when traveling with its automatic voltage adjustment system that lets you use or charge the razor from 100 to 240 volts.

Braun Shaver Series 370

If you’re looking for a modern electronic Braun shaver with enough features to cater to your shaving needs, then the Braun 370 is what the doctor ordered. This Braun shaver comes with a floating head design that easily adapts to your facial contours to shave off long and short hairs in a single pass. The foil system is capable of catching hairs growing in different angles and it has a 3-stage cutting system which is perfect for people who want to shave off those long hairs.


Considering that this is a basic Braun shaver, this model doesn’t come with the Clean and Renew System that is commonly found in more expensive models. However, this razor is washable so you can easily clean it using tap water. This Braun shaver also has the quick charge feature. But you don’t need to give it full charging if you just need a quick shave. A few minutes of charging is enough to get the job done.

A Callus Shaver Can Make Your Feet Smooth

A callus is an area of skin, usually on the foot or hand, which has become thick and tough due to rubbing or irritation. Calluses on the foot, especially on the heels and the side of the big and small toe, are very common due to the friction that walking causes between the foot and shoe. While there are way to prevent calluses, such as keeping the feet moisturized, getting regular pedicures, and switching shoes often—so that the same spots of the feet are not constantly exposed to friction—most people develop calluses overtime. To help reduce their size and appearance, there are a variety of different callus shavers available on the market.

Pumice Stone

Though a pumice stone does not contain a razor, many people still consider it to be an effective callus shaver. Pumice stones are inexpensive and readily available at most drug stores. Pumice is solidified lava that becomes rough when it dries. Rubbing a pumice stone over the callus, especially after the foot has been soaked in warm water—which softens the skin—is an effective way to reduce the size of the skin buildup. Pumice stones are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Some are simply hand-held stones while other are attached to a handle for easier gripping.

Electric Buffers

Some calluses require stronger erosion than a pumice stone can offer. If this is the case, an electric callus buffer, or electric callus shaver, is a helpful tool. Electric buffers are small, hand-held devices that look like electric razors. Instead of a razor, however, the buffer has a round instrument attached to the end which is rough in texture. When the device is turned on, the buffer rotates at a high speed. Once applied to the callus, it is able to wear down the thickened skin. Some buffers come with heel lotion while others can simply be used after the foot has been soaked in warm water.


Callus Reducer Screens

Though not electrically powered, a callus reducer screen looks much like an electric buffer. These are simple hand-held plastic or metal devices that fit easily over the heel of the foot. Instead of turning it on and allowing a buffer to rotate, the user simply rubs the screen across the callus, usually after applying lotion. The screen on the end, which is rough in texture, can be easily replaced once it wears down and is not rough enough to scrape away at the callus